The first set of "national traffic safety day" meaning

Time:2020-03-26 12:00:00

"Road traffic injury" has replaced the "Dutch act" to become "the first cause of injury death", become a public health problem that the whole society must attach great importance to the.

Recently, the State Council formally approved the December 2nd every year is identified as the "national day of traffic safety". "Special number 122" -- this in the past ten years bear the road traffic accident alarm functions, will be given a new meaning. It seems that in the pen, approved the establishment of the "national day of traffic safety", fully reflects the current traffic safety work to get the attention of the whole society and cooperation.

According to statistics, as of 2012 October, our country motor vehicle retains the quantity is 238000000, motor vehicle driver 256000000. Come nearly five years the average annual increase of about 16000000 motor vehicles, the new driver about 20000000, equivalent to the 1991 National motor vehicle and driver ownership. Chinese so quickly enter the automobile society's threshold, the road traffic safety situation facing great test. Chinese disease injury prevention and control of chronic disease prevention and control center of the center of the chamber to provide the report shows, 2011, our total of 210812 road traffic accidents, resulting in 62387 deaths, 237421 people were injured, the direct economic loss of over 1000000000 yuan. Road traffic injuries have replaced the suicide becomes "the first cause of injury death", become a public health problem that the whole society must attach great importance to the relationship between happiness and sense of security of the masses of the people.

In this context, the establishment of the "national day of traffic safety", helps to cause the whole society focused on the problems of traffic safety, to help the government departments, the media and social forces formed in the interaction, from the three aspects of the social basis of rule of law consciousness, civilization consciousness and consciousness of social morality compaction of road traffic safety work.

The eighteen Party Congress, "comprehensively promote the rule of law." Do a good job in the work of traffic safety, also needs the consciousness of rule of law in the whole society to carry out and implement the. Review of the work of traffic safety in recent ten years, whether it is a road traffic law promulgated and implemented and the modification of key provisions, or the punishment of drunk driving, driving new regulations and laws of evolution, all reflect the specific implementation of the consciousness of rule of law in the traffic safety work, the achievements of the great.

Next, should use the annual "national traffic safety day", the focus of universal law concept, enhance social awareness of the rule of law. In front of the traffic regulations, ensure the law, be strict in enforcing the law, violators are prosecuted; in front of traffic regulations, to ensure that each traffic individual participants are equal, vigorously curb car privileges such illegal phenomenon, continue to keep the spirit of rule of law become the traffic safety work important grasper and breakthrough.

Do well the work of road traffic safety, but also to "the establishment of the national traffic safety day" as an opportunity to vigorously promote the whole society, the traffic civilization consciousness. The central civilization office, the Ministry of public security "civilized traffic action plan" has been implemented for nearly three years, in various parts of the traffic participants to effectively enhance the sense of civilization. But the route of the car developed countries through the show, the promotion of traffic civilization is not easy, is accompanied by a rich material and social maturity gradually after the long process of good. Although China in the material level of explosive entered the threshold of the automobile society, but in traffic civilization promotion, need long-term and unremitting efforts from all walks of life.

Do a good job in the work of road traffic safety, but also to "the establishment of the national traffic safety day" as an opportunity to continue to enhance the social morality consciousness of all traffic participants. The eighteen Party Congress, "comprehensively improve the quality of citizens' Morality", "to uphold the rule of law and ruling the country by virtue of combining", "promote the civil moral construction engineering". The author believes that, in this respect, should be a serious road traffic illegal behavior and personal integrity hook as the focus, persist in carrying forward the typical positive and negative typical exposure combination, play micro Bo and other emerging media and guide to the positive energy, public opinion supervision, and strive to improve all traffic participants of the social morality consciousness, let Luther, German cars, the bus ride morality into urban traffic lubricant.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of public security, traffic accidents in China more than 80% because of the illegal lead to traffic. This year, the central civilization office, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of justice, Department of transportation, safety supervision administration and other multi sector will focus on "to comply with traffic signals, safe and civilized travel" theme, combined with the deployment of December 2nd "national traffic safety day" activities, through the development of forms of propaganda, legal sense and legal effect of comprehensive propaganda of traffic signals, so that the majority of traffic participants fully understand the traffic signals include the traffic signal lights, traffic signs, traffic line markings and traffic police command and the importance of setting up to comply with traffic signals is abide by the law ideas. Advocate to comply with traffic signals is to respect life, cherish life concept, make the safe travel to become the majority of traffic participant consensus. In people-oriented, fairness and efficiency principle, balance the various traffic in groups of traffic rights, fully listen to public opinion, science setting traffic signals, the rational allocation of the right of way, and constantly improve the road traffic safety and management of facilities.

The author thinks, this one theme this year to determine the relevant departments at first glance is very "junior", but think a while ago, the media, the network of hot debate "Chinese cross the road" uncivilized traffic phenomenon, we can see that this year's "national traffic safety day" still has very strong pertinence and practical significance. If in December 2nd this day, can pass.